To remove malicious people follow these rules to get replacement:

      To recive replacement most send me the real data about you product from My Orders Details like in example:

      Date: Feb 17, 2014, 03:07am GMT;

      Product Quantity Price Total;

      IP SMTP 1 $5 $5;

      Grand total: $5;


Disclaimer :

      1. If you have registered in our shop & order the product you have accepted all our rules!

      2. The owners of this page take NO responsibility for the way you use the information provided on this website!

Replacement Rules :

      1. Check the shells / mailers before you buy, we can only replace if their upload/unzip/sending doesn't work.

      2. We don't replace if Your purchased Mailer / SMTP IP / Webmail / has stopped sending mails or not send to all domains. If our operator test the product and you confirm recived, we d'not replace.

      3. We don't replace for cPanels if you didn't reported them within 1 hour since your purchase.

      4. RDP's are cracked so we can only offer 3 days of guarantee, We don't replace if someone else is using the same RDP because they are not our RDP's, they are cracked RDP's and their legit administrator can login from time-to-time. We don't replace if internet browser not worck. We don't replace if RDP are slowly.

      5. Email are Fresh and most of them work, but as you know there cannot be a 100% valid Rate, so we don't replace for each bad email. We are not responsible for your results.

      6. We don't replace if your purchased accounts in our store have been restricted for the IP Address fault .

      7. We don't replace Any PRODUCT if you didn't reported them within 1 hour since your purchase.

Support Rules :

      1. Do not use insulting words and do not use prejudicious words like " scam " " rip " etc ... on our CHAT.

      2. Every lack of respect for these rules will result to a Permanent Bann.


Contact us: alltools.contact@yahoo.com

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